Living intentionally in 2012

As another year winds down and a new one rolls ever near, my mind has pondered over past goals, victories and defeats.  I’ve given much thought to the things I value and how… Continue reading

Two sunrises and a sunset

I live 50 miles from work and my work day starts at 7:30 am.  It’s dark when I leave my house and on my hour drive I see the light creep in, pushing… Continue reading

Foggy Sunrise on the Prairie

Facing the eastern sky, young couples watch as the sun peaks through the clouds and fog. The beauty and colors of the morning inspire awe and tenderness. Thick fog covers the field and only… Continue reading

Photo challenge: Old

A tiny grave in an old graveyard…  Back in 1932 parents weeped on what should have been a joyful ocassion.  Our lives, if counted in days, are much longer than baby Bonnie’s.  Yet,… Continue reading

Why so sad?

Sometimes sadness is unavoidable.  I don’t want to be sad or disappointed or unsatisfied.  But I am.  Like a little spoiled child who wants what she wants, I chase after the what if, all… Continue reading

Spring – weekly photo challenge

Spring is all around.    Flowers in every size and color are finding their way into gardens.  Tiny leaves are starting to show their tender green hues.  Even the weeds can be beautiful with their… Continue reading

More than shadows

I am not a Professional photographer… and my blog is not about photography.  But I love to take pictures – especially of the beauty that surrounds us, like these swans gracefully swimming in… Continue reading

Friends for life

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a friendship which I feel has to end.  There is so much sadness when you realize that someone you love is no longer part of your… Continue reading