Simple Pleasures

I find pleasure walking through nature and visiting historic sites. A stroll through Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Historic State Park was a peaceful and nostalgic adventure. It took me back to my childhood and… Continue reading


As night approaches, weary from flight, I find my place, my little space. Surrounded by those I love, safe, I sit to rest… And thought tomorrow’s flight might take me to another place,… Continue reading

Another Extraordinary Sunset

I am fascinated by the majesty of the setting sun. And the moon…  glorious as it makes its way onto the blue sky in anticipation of the coming night.

Winding Road Through the Forest

We drove to St. Augustine this weekend.  A drive we’ve taken often.  Familiar, yet new each time.  We went through some back roads – turned on our GPS and let it lead us.  At one… Continue reading

Green… or red?

My dear son Alex (17) is color blind.  My dad is also color blind.  I grew up with my dad always confusing reds and browns, something I – someone who can see all… Continue reading

Camping – me?

A few years back, when my brother upgraded to a trailer, I was lucky enough to inherit his pop-up.  And so, for the 2nd time in my life I went camping.  (The first… Continue reading

Walking Away

I am confused.  I am trying to walk away – deliberately and purposely walk away.  Yet, though no matter how much distance I think I’ve put between us, this…  (What shall I call… Continue reading

Living intentionally in 2012

As another year winds down and a new one rolls ever near, my mind has pondered over past goals, victories and defeats.  I’ve given much thought to the things I value and how… Continue reading

Two sunrises and a sunset

I live 50 miles from work and my work day starts at 7:30 am.  It’s dark when I leave my house and on my hour drive I see the light creep in, pushing… Continue reading

Foggy Sunrise on the Prairie

Facing the eastern sky, young couples watch as the sun peaks through the clouds and fog. The beauty and colors of the morning inspire awe and tenderness. Thick fog covers the field and only… Continue reading