Lonely and Forgotten

On a cold a dreary day… driving through the roads of North Carolina…  this lonely, forgotten structure calls out, makes me stop and take a second look. Advertisements

Blowing in the Wind

Nothing exotic or fancy… just weeds blowing in the wind as we stroll through the park. Something so commonly overlooked, yet beautiful to see.

Lesson in Love

I love my daughter. She is a beautiful young woman with a gentle heart. I loved her even before she was born. When I held her tiny body with those big blue eyes,… Continue reading

Small and Quaint

Walking around the neighborhood, camera in hand… Nothing outstanding to see today.  Same flowers blooming.  Same trees turning greener each day.  Same cookie cutter houses at every turn.  Then, at the end of… Continue reading

Flowers Blooming in My Garden

Rusty Shed

Extraordinary Sunrise

The sky blazed with magical color as I drove to work this morning.  The sunrise mixed with the fog to create an amazing glow….  The beauty of God’s creation:

Another Day, Another Island: Roatan

Roatan is a small island off of Honduras which we visited on our cruise around six years ago.  We once again decided to drive around and take a look…  This is just a… Continue reading

Colorful drive through Cozumel

There is much diversity in what the eye can find in a little island.  Cozumel is a mere 189 sq. miles – but its beauty is immense. Waves roll on to the rocky… Continue reading

Shoulder to Shoulder

Walking shoulder to shoulder, talking and laughing, the friends move along.  As they make a brief stop, a little hands stretches up – just wanting to be a part.  Not too humble to… Continue reading