Fire in the Sky

Wild Horses

I saw them again!  I’ve been taking this drive for four years and have only seen these beauties twice, and within a few days.  This time I had a camera with me.

Just a Rose

Walk in the Neighborhood: Azaleas in Bloom

It was a beautiful Friday afternoon yesterday as I decided to take a break from work and go for a walk.  This is a sample of what I found.

Hidden Beauty

I make it a point of looking – to take the time to see and feel my surroundings.  Sometimes I am rewarded by watching as God paints the sky with glorious colors as… Continue reading

Walk Along the River Bank

My co-worker suggested I drive to Rodman Dam, in the middle of the Ocala National Forrest, for a nature walk with my family and dog.  And so, with the water levels so low… Continue reading

Simple Pleasures

I find pleasure walking through nature and visiting historic sites. A stroll through Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Historic State Park was a peaceful and nostalgic adventure. It took me back to my childhood and… Continue reading


As night approaches, weary from flight, I find my place, my little space. Surrounded by those I love, safe, I sit to rest… And thought tomorrow’s flight might take me to another place,… Continue reading

Another Extraordinary Sunset

I am fascinated by the majesty of the setting sun. And the moon…  glorious as it makes its way onto the blue sky in anticipation of the coming night.

Winding Road Through the Forest

We drove to St. Augustine this weekend.  A drive we’ve taken often.  Familiar, yet new each time.  We went through some back roads – turned on our GPS and let it lead us.  At one… Continue reading