Another Day, Another Island: Roatan

Roatan is a small island off of Honduras which we visited on our cruise around six years ago.  We once again decided to drive around and take a look…  This is just a… Continue reading

Colorful drive through Cozumel

There is much diversity in what the eye can find in a little island.  Cozumel is a mere 189 sq. miles – but its beauty is immense. Waves roll on to the rocky… Continue reading

Shoulder to Shoulder

Walking shoulder to shoulder, talking and laughing, the friends move along.  As they make a brief stop, a little hands stretches up – just wanting to be a part.  Not too humble to… Continue reading

Through the Years: Memories of My Grandmother

My grandmother, Victoria, was born in July of 1902.  She was such a special lady…  I’ve been feeling nostalgic these past few days, remembering her and the days when she lived with our… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

This place is called “La Cueva del Indio” (the Cave of the Indian) and it’s located in the province of Matanzas, Cuba.  It overlooks the Yumuri River.

Camouflage: Green on Green

Fire in the Sky

Wild Horses

I saw them again!  I’ve been taking this drive for four years and have only seen these beauties twice, and within a few days.  This time I had a camera with me.

Just a Rose

Walk in the Neighborhood: Azaleas in Bloom

It was a beautiful Friday afternoon yesterday as I decided to take a break from work and go for a walk.  This is a sample of what I found.