TBT: Foggy Sunrise on the Prairie

On my way to work a warm morning three years ago, the brilliant sun colors the sky 
and causes me stop at the Paynes Prairie boardwalk .

Facing the eastern sky, young couples watch as the sun peaks through the clouds and fog.

The beauty and colors of the morning inspire awe and tenderness.

Thick fog covers the field and only ghostly figures are seen in the distance.

Pink hues color the gray sky as the sun tries to break through the stubborn clouds.

Its magnificent glow winning over the eerie darkness;

Its strength and might overpowering the sky.

As the sun slowly rises to its throne, the lovers walk away…

Leaving the scene untouched, solitary…

… sacred.

And to the west, beautiful and majestic, the setting moon still sits high on the blue sky.

TBT: Originally posted 8/17/2011