A Bride is a Bride

A bride, no matter the age, is a bride! I know this is simplistic and obvious, but my mind could not embrace the concept of a 43-year-old, getting married for the second time, as a “bride.” Call me ignorant if you’d like, but because I would do things differently, her ideas don’t make much sense to me.  She’s an idealistic romantic. I’m a practical realist. Our friendship (of almost 30 years) has been interesting and challenging, but no matter what, at the end of the days, and the years, and even the decades, we remain best friends. It’s such fun to play along, being positive and helpful, just like we did the first time around, 20-some years ago.

As some of you know, my friend asked my husband, daughter, son and me to walk her wedding. I was worried about telling her that I would not be able to and struggled with what to say and how. Since honesty is always best, I reached a compromise with myself and presented it to her when we met Monday. My husband and I will not walk, but my daughter and son will. Though somewhat of a financial challenge, we can make this work. My friend was disappointed but understands.

With that out of the way, we had a most wonderful day together. We met with the wedding coordinator, a DJ and a florist. The color scheme has been decided and she’s on her way to making decisions as to the flower arrangements. The photographer and videographer have been hired and a cake testing has been scheduled.

And… what would a wedding planning day be without some dress shopping?!