Under Water

Blue Springs State Park is Florida at its best.  When you drive into a Florida State Park, you are greeted by their motto: “The Real Florida.”  I don’t know about “Real,” but Florida State Parks are definitely magical!

Blue Springs is the largest spring on the St. Johns River and it’s a refuge for manatees throughout the winter months (November to March).  When the river temperature reaches into the 50’s, the spring water remains a steady and warm 72 degrees. Swimming or diving with the manatees is prohibited so that the manatees won’t be disturbed.

Now – our visit was last weekend.  No manatees were expected.  And yet…

This gentle creature, only just a calf, swam beneath our feet, between our legs and all around us.  Some of us screamed with delight, and some with fear, as its big dark shadow floated towards us.

The photos might not be great, but the experience was AMAZING!