Unnumbered Ripples – What Was I Thinking?

Molly is an eight-year old mutt – a cute, mellow, big and spoiled yellow dog, with sad, loving eyes. In addition to the three permanent resident dogs which grace my home and life [a ten-year old cranky Pug named Angel, an old (not sure just how old) monotonous and loud Dachshund named Picasso, and a six-year old kind but territorial Pit Bull named Bruce], Molly became our house guest Sunday night, for an undetermined amount of time!

Incredibly, Angel at first ignored her. Picasso yawped and yawped and yawped, ad nauseam. Bruce wasn’t happy! And thus, the night ensued.

Bruce, enclosed (to avoid a mishap) in a hallway at the other end of my small house, whined and cried. In the laundry room, Angel growled and Picasso yawped. Molly wanted to sleep on our bed, a privilege none of our dogs enjoy. Because we didn’t let her, Molly spent the whole night pacing from one side to the other of the bedroom. My husband and I didn’t sleep!

While we’re off to work, my dogs are outside – Bruce on his side of the fence, Angel and Picasso on theirs. Molly is inside, reigning on part of the house – a part which thankfully was in tact yesterday when we returned home and will hopefully remain so as the cycle beings again.

As a single drop of rain on calm waters can produce unnumbered ripples, Molly has revolutionized my otherwise (mostly) stable and calm household.

P.S.: Molly’s “mom,” J ( I wrote about J here), is undergoing various cancer treatments and unfortunately cannot take care of her baby for a while.