Caverns… in Florida?

Did you know there were caverns in Florida?  I didn’t – though I’ve lived here most of my life!  When I found out, I couldn’t wait to visit.  And so, during our camping trip to Torreya State Park last October, we decided to make the two-hour trip to the Florida Caverns State Park for a day’s excursion.

They have a “room” where different sections glow with color lights to form a feast for the eyes and the senses.

Unfortunately, my photos did not capture these incredible views very well… but I’ll share these pictures so you can hopefully get an idea.  The photo below depicts what they call the “Christmas Village.”  I think even with this blurry image, you can see why.  

On the next photo I used the flash.  Though it’s sharper, the colors were drained from the scene.

At a point in the visit, the tour guide turned off all the lights and we were left in magnificent and complete darkness… a void!  (Something I wasn’t very comfortable with to be honest!)   Soon after, we reached the end and walked through the cavern doors and into the morning sunlight.