Striking Beauty of Torreya State Park

Torreya State Park is located in the panhandle of Florida, in the small town of Bristol.  It overlooks the Apalachicola River and is a beautiful and scenic little corner of the state.

View from the Campground

The River

At the end of a two-hour hike through the hills of the park, we come to this peaceful and quiet spot.

Gregory House

This magnificent house originally sat across the river at Ocheesee Landing and was part of a prosperous plantation.  In 1935 the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) moved it to its current location and restored it.

Treasures Along the Trails

The glory of nature awaits you, hid in the depth of the earth, take care of God’s awesome handiwork and preserve for others its worth.
G.W. Hoover, Sr.