A Stroll Through the Stress of Cuba

Our family immigrated from Cuba in 1980.  I was a child and have never been back, so my memories are somewhat romanticized.   Since my mother’s siblings are getting on with age, she visits every couple of years.

My mom’s 73 years old (left), and the second youngest of 14 brothers and sisters, of which there are still five living in Cuba.  This picture was taken during her last trip, a couple of weeks ago.

On one of those trips, a couple of years back, she captured the following photos (which I have taken the liberty of cropping and lightly editing for posting here).  Many of the structures in Havana have unfortunately fallen into disrepair and neglect.  Even so, lets take a trip together and visit this magical land:

In the background of the next photo is the school I attended while in elementary school in Cuba.

These last pictures were taken in the small town where my mother was born and most of her family (who remains in Cuba) lives: Vueltas.

On a side note: Thanks to all who replied to my post yesterday asking for opinions.  The sunset photo seems to be winning… so I changed my header (at least for now).