Lesson in Love

I love my daughter. She is a beautiful young woman with a gentle heart. I loved her even before she was born. When I held her tiny body with those big blue eyes, my heart melted. I had never known such love in my life. Nothing could compare with what I felt for her. When she was three years old I became pregnant with my second child. Many nights I cried myself to sleep, afraid that I would cheat my new baby because I could not see a way that I could ever love him as I loved her. Then he was born.

What can I say, he stole my breath away. The long eyelashes.  The deep brown eyes.  All my fears were put to rest. I loved him.

My babies…  babies no more.  Though I would not have believed it possible, my love keeps growing and evolving along with them.

How did I ever doubt it? I love him… just as much as her, just as strong. How little I knew about love and how unfounded my fears.