Through the Years: Memories of My Grandmother

My grandmother, Victoria, was born in July of 1902.  She was such a special lady…  I’ve been feeling nostalgic these past few days, remembering her and the days when she lived with our family.

Standing on the right is Victoria, my lovely grandmother. In the center is my grandfather, Ramon. The other girls are his sisters. (Approximately 1918.)

Here are my grandparents, surrounded by their children. My dad, Marino, is the younger of the two boys. (Approximately 1942.)

When my parents married, my grandmother (who was widowed shortly after the picture above was taken), went to live with them.  Memories of my childhood always include her.

My grandmother Victoria with two of her many grandchildren, my brother and me. (Approximately 1974.)

Once we came to live in the U.S., my grandmother stayed with her other children in Cuba. Back in 1987 when I was a teenager, I wrote a poem (if you can call it that) about missing her and the realization that I would probably not see her again.

As I drove slowly home from work
This thought occurred:
(I don’t know why),
I realized Victoria’s going to die.
Victoria is my grandmother,
A very old, old lady.
Illiterate she is
But about love no one knows more.
She lived with us since I was born,
Old grouchy lady that she was
She always pleased my every want.
In seven years I’ve seen her once.
Poor old Victoria,
She’s so so far!
She very healthy,
But her age is just too great
To ever think of seeing her again.

And though I thought I had seen her for the last time, God had other plans.  She came to visit us one more time (around 1992).  She passed away about four years later… but she lives on in my memories.

I love you and miss you abuela!

My grandmother, my dad, my daughter and me!!!