Winding Road Through the Forest

We drove to St. Augustine this weekend.  A drive we’ve taken often.  Familiar, yet new each time.  We went through some back roads – turned on our GPS and let it lead us.  At one point I told my husband to turn around, it didn’t seem the dirt road we were on would lead us to our destination.  (My GPS has been wrong before!)  But he refused and on we went.  Through some mill, sand all around… and beyond – the paved road again.  A curvy, winding road, out of a fairy tale.  It seemed I was in a different place, a different time.

A few bends midst pine tress that reached up to the blue sky.  Curve right, then left and right again.  Then the scenery changed.  Still peaceful, still dreamy.  Yet different.

After driving through the forest for a while and enjoying the green splendor all around, we drove right back into the real world.  Back to traffic and construction.  And much closer to our destination.