Camping – me?

Silver River State Park

A few years back, when my brother upgraded to a trailer, I was lucky enough to inherit his pop-up.  And so, for the 2nd time in my life I went camping.  (The first was so many years ago, I barely remember much else other than it being too cold!)  Little did I know how much I would enjoy being out there, close to nature, exploring places in Florida that I never imagined existed.  I still am in awe every time we go to a new park, seeing what each has to offer.

Highlands Hammock State Park

Above all else, I find peace while walking through the trails or swimming in the clear, cool waters of a spring; seeing the sun set on the west coast in the summer, and in the fall, see it rise in the east.

Camping is family time; couple time; me time…  God time.  It’s a pause to cell phone and Facebook; it’s a break from TV and news.  It’s a time for being sloppy and silly, for playing and praying.  It’s good food and conversation; junk food and laughs.

I’ve met deer and racoon, turtles and snakes, wild hogs and turkeys, vultures and eagles!  Big birds, little birds; flying fish and dolphins too! Oh and how could I forget – squirrels and alligators?!

Myakka River State Park

But, no matter what I find, each time I go camping I marvel and rejoice, for it all points to God’s greatness, at his love and compassion for little me.

I found a new love in camping and it’s incredible all that Florida has to offer.  I’ve lived here all my life and never imagined the beauty that was so near.  Funny, sometimes the marvelous becomes invisible in the middle of the mundane.

St. Joseph Peninsula State Park