Walking Away

I am confused.  I am trying to walk away – deliberately and purposely walk away.  Yet, though no matter how much distance I think I’ve put between us, this…  (What shall I call it? “Shadow”), this Shadow is always near.

I travel and navigate through my daily life, mostly at peace, satisfied, and when I least expect it, there it is!  Trying to plunge me back into darkness, pulling and tugging.

Funny – yesterday, in my Never say never post, I was talking about this, not knowing that today I would once again be face to face with one of those familiar and yet unexpected obstacles.  Though disguised in a promise of light, today I was able to stop in time and see it for what it is, a dark shadow which can trap me if I let it.  I won’t.

Nonetheless, I am confused.  Sometimes the path is long and lonely.  It is not easy, but I’ll keep walking away.  It’s the only way to go.