Living intentionally in 2012

As another year winds down and a new one rolls ever near, my mind has pondered over past goals, victories and defeats.  I’ve given much thought to the things I value and how my life has portrayed those values.  To my shame, I must admit that in many instances I have lacked the determination and will to put what’s important first and have failed to live up to my beliefs.  Most of the times, I’ve just been going through the motions, which is not nearly enough effort on my part.

For 2012 I intend to live intentionally!  That is my one and only goal.  I realize that it will take much effort and determination.  It will take focus and strength.  As I considered all this, I realized that my values were not even clear to me – there were too many, or maybe not enough!  How could I live up to them?  In an effort to make my goal possible, I narrowed down my beliefs, wrote them down along with what they mean to me, and created a mission statement for my life.  This is what I came up with:

Core Values & Beliefs

Faith: Jesus is #1 – live to honor what He did for me, through His death I was restored to life, reconciled to God.  Let yes be yes and no be no.  Live honestly, transparently.  Study his Word and spend time in prayer.

Family: Value, respect and love family above all else and let them know it: tell them and show them by the way I live and the choices I make.

Inner peace, happiness: To know that what I do, say and think honors God and my family.  Do and work towards what is important to me and brings me pleasure.  Being authentic and true to who I am, appreciate others when they are.  Know my strengths and limitations and don’t be ashamed of either.

Love, romance: Love God, family and life, in action as much as in word.  Share the love I have with others.  Make romance with my husband a priority.

Financial freedom: Stop putting things on credit; work hard on eliminating debt.

Creativity: Write and take pictures – for others when possible, always for myself.

Mission statement

I will seek inner peace and happiness by putting Jesus first in my life.  I will honor my family by loving and respecting each member; my friends by being honest and reliable; my employer by being dependable and hardworking; myself by being financially responsible and creative.  I believe I am accountable to God for my every action, word and thought, and that when I obey Him, His perfect plan for my life will consequently unfold.

And so, though 2012 has not arrived, I will live intentionally today and every day… one choice at a time!