Two sunrises and a sunset

I live 50 miles from work and my work day starts at 7:30 am.  It’s dark when I leave my house and on my hour drive I see the light creep in, pushing the darkness away.  I leave work at 5:30 and so I also see the darkness crawl back into the sky.

I so enjoy the changes in color in the sky.  Sometimes the colors are bold and other days they’re subtle.  But every morning and every evening is different.  And so, I will try to capture the beauty in my morning and evening drives on a daily basis.  This morning was foggy, but not as foggy as yesterday!  Yesterday visibility was impaired and so the sky was a gray cloud that dipped onto the ground.  The colors were not as bright.  Yet, the peace that surrounded me was overwhelming.

I’ve been doing this drive for almost four years now and every morning and every evening I am in awe at the beauty all around. The Paynes Prairie provides the perfect spot for a small break, a centering of self, a perspective of the greatness of my God and the smallness of me.

This spectacular sunset had me pulling over last Friday… slowing down my frantic pace to return home, and just enjoy!