Friends for life

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a friendship which I feel has to end.  There is so much sadness when you realize that someone you love is no longer part of your life.  Some say that friendships are either for a reason, for a season or for life.  I believe this specific friendship was for a reason – hopefully, to God’s honor and glory.

But I have another friend… a childhood friend… my very best friend.  A friend I truly believe is that very rare friend for life.  In the many years of our friendship, we have shared laughs and cried together.  We have dreamed together… we have awaken to reality together.  We have encouraged each other and have also disappointed each other, but most of all, we have loved each other through it all.

In the past year we have come to a fork in our lives – a point where it seems we’re going in separate directions.  Even though we continue to talk, our conversations are not as regular or as intimate as they were.  I long to feel closer yet each day I feel we’re further apart.

And that’s the thing with friendships.  As life circumstances change, so do they.  The way we shared before seems impossible right now.  Our priorities are different now (as they should be).  Spouses, children, family come first.  And though the line thins as time goes on, true friendship and true love remain.   No matter what, I know we will be friends – for life!